That Star Spangled Truth (verse 1)

Who do you think you are?
And who do you think you’re talking too?
You lie right to my face
You lie with every breath you take
To borrow a phrase that grates
You’re a disgrace
You’re a disgrace

(verse 2)

You’re not worthy of my time
Not a moment of my life
If the stakes weren’t so damn high
I could ignore you
Avoid you just like the plague
But you take up so much space
In the human race

( bridge)

All the baubles and the bling and your shiny little things
Get it out of my town
All the glitter and the gold and all the bullshit that you’ve sold
You mediocre clown
And your superiority — there’s nothing there to see
I’m the one who’s punching down

(verse 3)

Will that star spangle truth still shine?
In the hearts and in the minds?
Will justice ever be blind?
Or have we left all that behind?
Did they poison every well?
In this psycho-Goebbels Hell?

End of story?

Talk to me my friend
Please tell me it’s not the end
Of truth and glory